Sarah Jessica Parker covers the May 2014 issue of InStyle UK magazine

On her sense of fashion: 

"I think Daphne Guinness or Lady Gaga or Madonna - people like that are daring. But I do love fantasy, color and the idea of no rules. You know, stripes and stripes and stripes, or every blue at once. It's good to take chances. But daring..."

On her return to acting: 

"It's great. It's hard - it's a challenging role. I'm with Blythe Danner, whom I adore. We did a play together 19 years ago called 'Sylvia.' I played a dog, and she played my master's wife who loathed me. Now we're playing mother and daughter. It's a story about how parents disappoint us and how we disappoint ourselves. It also raises the question, when do you start taking responsibility for your choices?"

On balancing her schedules: 

"It's complicated when you're working crazy hours. But the kids are a joy, even when they're not. I had one child only for nearly seven hours and thought I had the blueprint. Then these girls came, and not only were they girls, but they were as different from one another as they could possibly be - physically, emotionally, disposition-wise, probably politically. I feel bad because I've been gone for so much of the last month and a half while rehearsing. I think I've re-emerged; I got to pick them up from school today."



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