Rose Byrne in the May 2014 issue of ELLE Canada magazine

On acting: 

"My style of improv is a little ephemeral. Sometimes I can really tap in and other times I'm just absolutely terrible, so it is daunting."

On her character in "Neighbors": 

"My character is a reformed party who girl who is trying to keep it together and is a little bit ditzy - you know, those airheads."

On her views about female entertainers: 

"I am always drawn to a female protagonist and delighted when I find something to watch like 'Girls,' which is so great. It's not just people complaining. There were, like, four to five pages for the lead actors and only half a page for the lead actresses. It was a stark reality right in front of me on paper. That was a really big reality check for me - it was quite depressing, to be honest."



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