Lake Bell on the cover of Esquire magazine’s May 2014 issue

On wanting to be an actress as a child: 

“I was tirelessly motivated, because I felt very clear about what I wanted to do. I didn’t fully understand what it meant to be an actor, but I knew it was someone who gets to play different characters, gets to pretend to be in different worlds, and gets to make people laugh or feel. I’m sure there was some sort of validation, where the attention is on me and I can make people laugh; that’s normal kid stuff. But then it started to gestate into something more complicated and exciting and very fulfilling.”

On directing: 

“If I write something and I’m going to put in all that love and energy, I want to direct it. As an actor, you have access to the trenches—to a myriad of different sets. You can sponge and learn, or you can go back to your trailer and look at YouTube videos of cute kids falling asleep. There’s a time for those videos, but I had a hunger to learn.”

On marriage: 

“Marriage is traditionally old-school in many respects. It is highly antiquated, and, that being said, beautiful.”

On her new movie Million Dollar Arm: 

“It’s sweet. And it’s a true story. You’re going to cry.”



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