Kate Mara graces the cover of Marie Claire magazine's May 2014 issue

On "House of Cards": 

"It was the plan from before we began the first season. It was definitely shocking, but I was quite mentally prepared for it. Everyone on the show was so sweet about my leaving. The nicest thing is people's reaction that they will miss Zoe's character."

On Transcendence: 

"For a movie this large, it didn't feel huge. Except for the occasional explosion. A lot of my scenes are just me and Paul [Bettany] - intimate. My favorite kind of project."

On her relationship with Max Minghella: 

"Our only issue is he insisted on buying me an iPhone, and I wanted to stay with my BlackBerry. I know I'm in a movie about technology, but I'm not interested in it at all. Nor do I pay attention to politics. I'm not the person looking for the next big thing. Just the next good role."



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