Scott Foley posing for a feature in Da Man magazine‘s February/March 2014 issue

On his life off camera: 

“I’m a father. A husband. I have a great group of friends, a lot of whom aren’t in the entertainment industry. I’m a big reader, like working with my hands in my yard and around the house. I think I’m a fairly average man.”

On if he is similar to his character Jake: 

“I think that we both feel a bit misunderstood in our lives. Jake is someone that very much seems to want to do the right things although the possibility of doing that can sometimes be a challenge. I feel that way on occasion, albeit for much different reasons!”

On what made him like Scandal: 

“This show is just really written beautifully. The layers of story and dramatic elements that the writers have carefully crafted make Scandal a show that I’d tune into even if I weren’t directly involved. Also, the acting is just mind-blowing. It’s one thing to get a great scene, but what the actors on this show are able to do with those words really separates, I think, this show from a lot of others.”



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