Phoebe Tonkin on the cover of the March 2014 Luxury issue of Maniac magazine

On her fake Originals baby bump: 

“It’s really funny how wearing this belly every day on set does give me a new way to see my character, and every few days the size of the prosthetic belly grows.”

On keeping things private in a digital age: 

“I got into the industry when I was 17 and it was at the time of MySpace. There was a learning curve, but now I have a sense that things that you post are permanent, so I’m careful to share what I think the fans would like, but also what I am comfortable with.”

On where her home base is: 

“I’ll always consider Australia my home, but I’m starting to feel like Atlanta and New York are home now too. I love that New York has people of all walks of life, and when I go to a coffee shop, I inevitably end up talking to someone and learning about their life.”



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