Nicole Richie fronts the Spring 2014 issue of Philadelphia Style

On her collection with QVC: 

"QVC is nuts. It’s so big that every time I go to the headquarters in West Chester, I think it’s like Jurassic Park, only without the dinosaurs. QVC is just so in tune with its customers, and it’s something totally different than House of Harlow in that respect. When you go in there as a designer, you have to focus on who their customer is. Things like what their needs are, what fabrics they’re drawn to, their likes and dislikes, down to what’s their climate. It’s just a totally different world for me."

On her love for fashion: 

"I’ve always been someone who’s extremely relaxed in my everyday life. I’m not the girl who can wear awful seven-inch heels all night. I keep it simple—I consider myself to be a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl who just accessorizes a lot. But I try to focus less on the actual items and more on the way they make me feel. I like color around my face because it does something to me emotionally. I don’t like to wear black because it brings me down."

On Harlow: 

"She’s more of an artist. She’s into playing with makeup; she loves doing her hair and putting outfits together. She’s just so feminine—and way more girlie than me."

On her decision to be a designer: 

"Once I really started understanding my own style, I realized how much I loved costume jewelry. I’m talking the Gucci and YSLs from the ’70s, pieces I relate to and love wearing. So I met with my now-partner Pasquale, and in 2009 we started House of Harlow 1960. He really let me have the freedom to take the reigns with the jewelry, which came naturally to me. Since I obviously didn’t go to design school, I wanted to start small and get to know the business before I expanded it. I then found my other partner, launched a ready-to-wear footwear line, and expanded again. I’ve been going very slowly."


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