Kourtney Kardashian fronted the Spring 2014 issue of Mini magazine

On Kardashian Kids: 

"I have always had a passion for children's clothing. My mom and I opened up a children's boutique called Smooch which we had for 5 years and I did all of the buying. My grandmother also has a children's boutique called Shannon & Co. which she has had for 30 years and my sisters and I grew up working in. It is in our blood. Once I had my own children, I [found] a new appreciation, understanding and education about children's clothes!"

On her and sister's style reflecting in the collection: 

"I love prints and color, Kim loves neutral, soft and simple, and Khloe has helped incorporate some trends from our women's collection for Sears [color blocking, tribal print, animal print]."

On her home: 

"We have a kids kitchen right next to our kitchen, another teepee in the family, some mini pianos in our living room to the big piano [plus] random cars, strollers and shopping carts floating around. We also have an outdoor kids space with an arts and crafts table, an easel, a fruit stand and a train set for the kids to ride on."

On her children's bedrooms: 

"I think every child's room should have some magic in it. Those magical elements just came to life once the process began. In both of their rooms, I started wanting everything all white. And they both evolved once I found the perfect pieces that I knew were for them."

On her work/home balance: 

"Knowing my priorities. Nothing comes before my children. I find that putting everything else in order of importance also helps to get everything done! Having an amazing partner, Daddy [ Scott Disick] doesn't hurt either."



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