Douglas Booth gets fancy for a regency-themed shoot for Teen Vogue‘s April 2014 issue

On what he does during his downtime: 

“I love to ski, I used to mountain bike quite a lot. I see friends and I’m a huge foodie. I love to go see films, even on my own. I just walk to the nearest cinema. There’s nothing better than watching a movie alone, you can just sit there and zone in.”

On the many pets he had growing up: 

“I mean, we used to call my house the farm. At one point we had, like 17 pets. We had four chickens in the back garden. When I was younger, and they would come sit on the sofa, in my lap. I believe if you’re prepared to kill the animal, you’re allowed to eat it.” —On why he’s a pescatarian.

On Noah: 

“Darren Aronofsky is on another level. You get lost in a scene and he’ll come over and whisper something in your ear and suddenly everything makes sense.”



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