Norman Reedus on the cover of Nylon Guys February/March issue

On having killed someone in 39 of his 42 film/television appearances: 

“I was born to play the bad guy, I guess. I have a suspicious look to me.”

On being invited to the Duck Dynasty Thanksgiving dinner: 

“I was surprised to get the invite…But they like our show, and I guess we’re both on popular shows, so it makes sense. Those guys are fun to sit down and eat a meal with. A bunch of weird dudes. Come to think of it, they seemed pretty sophisticated to me.”

On his career in junior tennis: 

“I studied with a coach who approached me and offered to train me because he thought i had potential…I played the junior circuit, against guys who had all the fancy equipment and shoes and everything. I was in, like, basketball shoes and had a toy racket. I was surprised I made it as far as I did.”

On Daryl's love interest plans: 

"Sometimes they suggest this or that, but if Daryl's going to get busy with another character it has to be just right. The producers are smart, man. Smart enough to know that Daryl can't have the kind of love interest that you might think. I feel pretty strongly about it."

On Daryl's rise to fame: 

"That may be the most bizarre part of all of this. I don't think any actor ever envisions being an action figure. It's one of those Hollywood bonuses no one tells you about."

On his acting: 

"I was born to play the bad guy, I guess. I have a suspicious look to me. Plus, I think a lot about the reasons people fight. Their back is against the wall; They're bullied; They're angry."

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