Kellan Lutz in Men's Health UK March 2014

On his reasoning by going to the gym: 

"I was bored [during filming of 'Twilight']. They put us in these mall apartment complexes - the fans and paparazzi were outside the whole time. So I hunkered down in the gym; it was my escape."

On his workout advice: 

I used to curl 55kg three times and think I was killing it. The next day my back would hurt like hell. Just go until you get the 'pump.' You'll feel bigger instantly and won't be sore the next day."

On his on-the-go workouts: 

"[Sylvester Stallone] walks around on set [of 'The Expendable'] with a weighted bar. When the camera stops he pumps it; that's why his forearms are huge. Now I always pack a resistance band. Stand on one end and curl: It's an arm workout anywhere."

On his loathing of cardio: 

"I had a full-body scan, and it turns out I have dense bones. The specialist asked if I liked swimming and I was like, 'I love it.' She said, 'but you sink, right? I'm not a fan of running. I burn fat with bodyweight moves in between gym sets."


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