Jared Leto in the March 2014 issue of Flaunt magazine

On Rayon: 

"I made it very clear on that I saw Rayon as a man who wanted to live his life as a woman, not someone who enjoyed putting on women's clothing. If they wanted that kind of performance - or anything glam, or anything drag queen-y - I wasn't the person for the part. She's an incredible, empathetic, beautiful dreamer. A heart the size of an ocean. She's an absolutely one-of-a-kind creature. So, a lot of love and support for her as well. I felt like she became a person, a real person. Especially because I was so deep inside of her. I really feel like I got to know this person. It became like a living, breathing life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime role."

On his acting career struggles: 

"I've made a lot of films that have fallen short. Films where we had the right intentions. Independent art house films that we all had high hopes for, but fell short. Gaining sixty-seven pounds for 'Chapter 27.' Yeah, I think I'm willing to risk everything. I don't say that with any conceits. I say that as a fact. I don't see there being reward in another way. At least any worthy one. So when they connect with people and the films resonate, or the performance resonates - it's a really thing to celebrate that."

On his love for the planet: 

"The way we think about our position in the world, in relationship to the planet, had changed because of the way we travel from place to place. We now look down on the planet rather than look across. I met with the creator of Google Earth and he asked me, 'What have you learned from using Google Earth?' And, you know, I gave him some bulls**t answer. But, actually, the thing that I learned is that we all see the planet differently now. We look down on ourselves. We used to look across the horizon. Now, we look down. We all have a map in our minds where we may be and the ability to access that."


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