Cobie Smulders in Esquire March 2014

On her feet constantly being Googled: 

"My sister-in-law told me about that. It's so odd to me, because I hate my feet. I think they're ugly. I make it a point to hide them when I go out publicly. Yes, it's a mystery. America wants to see them. I don't understand the foot-fetish thing. I don't know what you're suppose to do with feet. They're just to get you from one place to another."

On the fate of Robin's love life: 

"[I asked straight out, what happened.] And over some really bad kitchen pizza, co-creator Craig Thomas told [me] how the show ends. He said none of the other cast knows. I lost it. I had to leave. I totally lost it."

On Scotch and cigars: 

"I like Scotch. And I like the smell of cigars. I got really turned off from smoking them, because whenever I smoke them for the show, it would always be the first scene of the day, like 8:30 in the morning. I've definitely thrown up once. The other times I was able to keep my turkey bacon down."

On her hidden accents: 

"I have an accent if you give me a couple of beers. Then it's full-blown. Like I'm from Saskatchewan, which is the country, the deep North."



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