Amy Poehler in Ladies Home Journal March 2014

On her family: 

"My parents were public school teachers. We lived in Burlington, Massachusetts, an idyllic, lower-middle-class suburb of Boston. My family [Poehler has a younger brother, Greg] was very witty and quick and you kind of had to keep up. My dad will tell you i got all of my comedy from him."

On situations that girls now go through: 

"When I was young I would go to a party, have a good time and take pictures of my friends and me. A week later I would go the drugstore and get the pictures that had been developed. Any pictures I didn't like I might rip up and throw away. These days everyone's moments are forever. You're a young girl and you make a shortsighted choice to send someone a naked picture of yourself and now that picture lives forever. We've all made stupid mistakes. The difference is that our mistakes were not for everyone to see."

On life as a single working mom: 

"People always want to know where your children are in relation to you. So if I'm in New York, people go, 'Are they here?' And it's like, 'Of course they're with me. They're wherever I am unless I'm working for a couple days and then they're not with me. And no, they're not at this party because I'm an adult. And this party is for adults.' But age gives you a couple of things: One, you get better at not taking everything people say personally. Two, you learn those type of questions are more about the person asking them than they are about you. And three, you realize no one can make you feel bad about your choice without your permission."



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