Allison Williams in Glamour March 2014

On acting and future plans: 

"If you go into acting for love of the craft, and you dodge the fame aspect, it’s more sustainable. My goal is to create a career I can walk away from and become a mom. I’d love to be a mom—and not have to bring my kids into my trailer. That’s my long-term thinking. Or a balance [of both]. But you gotta call it on the fly to a certain extent."

On "Girls" and the friendships between characters: 

"I root for Hannah and Marnie more than I do for Hannah and [her boyfriend] Adam. Marnie needs a close female friend. Who doesn’t? I’d be nowhere without my girlfriends."

On her work with Tina Fey in "Baby Mama": 

"She’s humble and efficient. That exact combination was everything to me. Tina knows everyone’s name. It’s funny, [Girls creator and star] Lena Dunham is the same way. It’s hard to misbehave when your boss is so gracious."

On her personal style: 

"In college I wore a lot of layers, jewelry, and makeup. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more control of the simple. A typical look is pants and a blazer, or a dress. On the red carpet, it has to be comfortable."


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