Sarah Jessica Parker landed a feature in the February 2014 issue of O magazine

On the heel heights of "SJP" shoes:

These heels are high, but not like you’re on stilts. There’s nothing sexy about not being able to walk.

On her shoe line's price: 

Those are hard-earned bucks so I really tried to give women beautiful silhouettes and colors and excellent quality for their money. I didn’t want to do anything that says, ‘Oh, these shoes are 2014.’ I want my shoes to be a part of the world for a long time to come.

On her trademark on every shoe: 

The thing is, when I was growing up, we really didn’t have two nickels to rub together, but my mother always made sure that my sisters and I had two grosgrain ribbons in our hair. The rule was that we ironed them every single morning. We even had a special bureau dedicated to hair ribbons. I have them for my own daughters now, and my nieces wear them too. The grosgrain ribbons make SJP’s really identifiable to others and really personal to me.



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