Margot Robbie in revista Manhattan (ianuarie/februarie 2014)

On Martin Scorsese:

Before you step into a room with him, you're so acutely award of how undeserving you are to be there, to be [with] a film god like him. And then moments after spending time with him, you forget [about his] humongous reputation... He's just so warm and funny and really lovely to be around. [Scorsese's] an incredibly fascinating person to listen to. I tried to be quiet and listen to his stories because they are so incredible. I was having trouble finding new motivation, and then Marty came up to me halfway through filming this big scene and he said, 'Stay on your toes.' I wasn't sure if he meant figuratively or literally be on my toes, but then he said, 'Be more like a boxer - you're on your toes in a boxing ring.; That for me was an awesome piece of direction because 'Raging Bull' is one of my favorite films of his, and I knew what he wanted from me. It made all the difference - just one little piece of direction like that, and it opened my performance. That is why he is a genius, and I gave him my best.

On Leonardo DiCaprio:

[Working with Leo] was a dream come true. He's always been my favorite actor. Both he and Marty have such a massive presences when you're around them - they're unstoppable, like this force that keeps moving; they have so much dimension, it sometimes seems impossible to keep up with them. Working with Leo challenged me every single second - the challenge just to keep up with him pushed me and got my acting to a level it's never been, which is incredibly satisfying.

On her time working at Subway:

I actually had a lot of fun working there, and it was a really fun day when I went and said I have to quit and everyone was like, 'What? Why?' And, I said, 'I'm going to be on TV; I got a role on 'Neighbors,' a big Australia TV show. Everyone thought I was kidding... Then six months later, I landed a Subway commercial doing a dancing promo as a new face on TV by pure coincidence. The job was my lucky charm.

On her future plans:

I really want to do a Western; I want to be the dude who is riding horses and doing exciting things - something where I get to do something physical and have to train for it. I don't want to be the damsel. There's something magical about stepping on a set that looks nothing like the present day. It's so much easier to create a world and a new character when everything is so different from your every day life.



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